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I got my brows micro-bladed, and they are amazing. Huong did my brows perfectly. The shape and color of my brows fit my face and my preference perfectly. She was also very clear about aftercare instructions and very informative about what was going on. I love my brows and highly recommend getting them done by Huong.
Samantha Le
11/13/20 1:33:54 PM
Source: Website
I love my eyebrows and eyelashes!! Huong not only does excellent work but is very kind and friendly! I had wanted my eyebrows microbladed for awhile but had been hesitant in getting them done until I met Huong. She answered all my questions before hand and had shown me several before and after pictures of others she had done. She really knows her stuff! I am so pleased with them! I’ve received many compliments on my brows and lashes! I do and will continue to recommend Huong to anybody wanting to get these services done!!
Jamie Mamales
10/02/20 8:29:32 PM
Source: Website
I love my eyebrows Houng really knows what she is doing, she was really kind and answered all my questions. I will definitely recommend her work to all my friends.
Annette Villanueva
09/09/20 10:23:28 AM
Source: Website
Perfect compagnion to every
Damian Tran
06/18/19 9:07:44 PM
Source: Website
Excellent product
Damian Tran
06/11/19 10:27:29 AM
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Damian Tran
05/30/19 11:25:18 PM
Source: Website
I am finally a PhiBrows Artist! I wouldn't have been able to accomplish this without Master Huong Wang. I am thankful for having such a dedicated master who was very patient with me as I navigated through each level of the course. She was quick to respond and gave me constructive feedback as needed. I look forward to taking Master Wang's class in the future!
My T Dao
05/30/19 11:25:18 PM
Source: facebook
Huong Wang gave excellent instruction during The Philings workshop. She’s very patient and thorough with her training and explaining of how the treatment works. I highly recommend her.
Stacey Pulizzi
03/30/19 3:30:38 PM
Source: facebook
I just finished taking Master Julie Kim’s class and it was awesome! She definitely has a strong passion for microblading and it shows! The program is great and they prepare you to work on real clients. I have not passed all the levels yet but Julie gives such amazing feedback on how I can improve and I really appreciate that!
Vi Chan
09/18/18 12:01:56 PM
Source: facebook
I just finished my Philings training with Master Huong Wang, and she not only teaches us yha basics, she chare some tricks that will help us a lot!!! She is very patient and explain everything so clear. Love my class, thank you Master ???
Mahelia Santibañez
08/28/18 4:29:44 PM
Source: facebook
I got my Philings training done with Master Huong Wang and I wish I could know her earlier, she opens my mind and touchs my heart, super duper friendly and very knowledgeable ! Can’t wait to attend some more classes with her ?
Thao Nguyen
08/27/18 11:09:43 PM
Source: facebook
I had my PhiLings training with master Huong Wong and I can not say enough about what impact this had for me and my clients. So, so happy to be part of Phi Academy both as Phibrows artist and PhiLings artist. Thank you Branco and many many thanks to Master Huong Wong for teaching me such amazing procedures .
Delia Mura
08/09/18 7:49:42 PM
Source: facebook
I am so satisfied with the training I did with PhiBrows , let alone my wonder Master Huong Wang. I just got back from a trip visiting my Master and we did some extra training and more one on one with models. She has taught me so much in these past 3 days. She is so good at what she does , and she has the biggest heart . She truly wants to see her students succeed! Anyone that gets her for their Master is going to be very satisfied! I thank you Master Huong for being so patient , so helpful, and so passionate in what you do . I could not have done this without you !
Jillian Alana
06/14/18 9:11:24 PM
Source: facebook
I came to spend a few extra days with master Huong Wang to get some more help. She welcomed me to her home and helped me improve my skill. She booked extra models for me to get more hands-on practice. She’s so caring and teaches from her heart. I learned so many little tips and tricks from her. I am so impressed of her Pre-numb my client before the procedure to make them more comfortable. I’ve never learned that from anyone even after I asked many others before but no one was able to teach me the way she did. She’s patient and kind. Her whole family make me feel at home. My understanding and skill improved so much after a few days with her and I feel so confident working on live models now. My shaping skill is so on point and much faster now. If you want to become a Phibrow artist, make sure you take her class anywhere she has class at, it will be worthwhile even if you have to travel. I can’t thanks you enough master Huong Wang for everything you taught me. ???????????
Vicky Dao
06/10/18 2:48:59 AM
Source: facebook
I loved the PhiLings class taught by Master Huong Wang here in New York, she was wonderful and lovely ??
Sandoz Myong
05/26/18 11:02:10 PM
Source: facebook
I took a class with master Huong Wang. The master and her team are very professional and have amazing techniques. They will make sure that you got the most out of your training class. I definitely recommend them. The class with them was such a great experience.
Ilir Erseila Gorani
05/06/18 8:18:21 AM
Source: facebook
I just finished 3 days Phibrows microblading training course with Ms Huong Wang and her assistant, Mr Chi. Everything was very impressed to me. I'm so glad to be a student of Ms Huong Wang. She is very kind, talented and beautiful master. As a newbie member in this field, she made me so interested to study. Thanks to Ms Huong Wang and Mr Chi for your time and your patience with me for the last 3 days. I love you guys ??
Hana Hana
04/26/18 9:11:56 PM
Source: facebook
I'm so fortunate and thankful to have taken the class with Master Huong Wang. She's so skilled and passionate at what she does which shows in her teaching. Prior coming to class I saw how beautiful her work is-during and after finishing class I can see why. She pays close attention to detail I came in a little nervous and excited about taking on this new skill, but she really broke it down into a system where you can understand where and why you make each stroke. She's very talented but also very personable and eager to help everyone. Thank you so much co Huong for this wonderful experience and believing in us and our vision.
Michelle Thu Anh Pham
04/26/18 5:55:13 PM
Source: facebook
Master Huong Wang is the absolute best. I couldn’t have asked for a better master to train with. I took the Phibrows basic and shading course a little over 2 months ago and the journey has been amazing. She is very caring, knowledgeable , and a true master! Master Huong Wang will help form you into the best artist. She is very sweet, kind and passionate about her work. Her class was unforgettable. She taught us everything we needed to know to become a confident microblading artist. Success is key and she will teach you how to become successful. With her knowledge and care, you will come out of the class confident and ready to learn and earn your Phibrow artist title. During the craftmaster course, Master Huong Wang was very detailed and responded quickly. When she would critique your work, she explains exactly what you can improve on and how you can improve it. She was always available for me to ask questions whenever I needed help. I recently passed the craftmaster course and earned the title as Phibrow Artist and I honestly could have not done it without Master Huong Wang. I saw improvements with each and every model. She guided me through it all and made me a Microblading Artist. I cannot thank her enough! If your are looking for education at Phibrows Academy, I highly suggest Master Huong Wang. She will mold you into the best. I will say that I was very picky on choosing a master as this is who will help and guide you through your journey. I am very happy and satisfied that I chose the right master. ?? Thank you Master Huong Wang!!! You are truly amazing and I inspire to be as great as you one day!
Nhung Reyes
04/22/18 7:16:22 AM
Source: facebook
I finished my training microblading class with Master HUONG WANG. Before I came to her class , I heard from some people said that she is a good teacher. And I was waiting for her class. Yes, exactly what people say, she is a wonderful Master, the way she teach is very easy to understand, and the most important is she is a devoted Master and very friendly. Once a gain thank you Master HUONG WANG,(an awnsome Master )for everything you did to us.
Myan Tran
04/20/18 6:10:13 AM
Source: facebook
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